Keep these back-to-school commuting tips in mind

September 06 2018

In honor of back-to-school season, take a moment to review your family's transportation plans and make sure everyone's commute is as safe as possible. Whether you have a kindergartener who is taking the bus or a high schooler with a new license, keep these best practices in mind. 

School Bus Safety 

School buses are some of the safest modes of transportation -- if students board and exit them correctly. If your kids will be riding the bus, encourage them to:

  • Stand back from the curb where the driver can see them at all times 
  • Approach the bus only when it's completely stopped
  • Fasten seat belts when they're available and face forward while the bus is moving
  • Look both ways when crossing the street after exiting the bus

Walking and Biking 

Riding a bike and walking to school are great ways to get a little exercise. Anyone who commutes this way should always: 

  • Wear a bicycle helmet that's fitted and properly fastened 
  • Use hand signaling to alert drivers of intended turns 
  • Cross the street at designated lights or with a crosswalk guard 
  • Use sidewalks and bike lanes whenever possible 

Driving Tips for Everyone

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. teens, according to the CDC. Before letting teenagers drive themselves to school, make sure they follow basic safety rules -- and if you're the one driving, model this good behavior for them:  

  • Don't eat or drink while driving 
  • Insist everyone buckles up (and for teen drivers, limit their number of passengers)
  • Never use cellphones to text or call while the car is running
  • Observe school zones and watch for pedestrians to avoid injuries and traffic tickets

By embracing and encouraging these habits, we can all help make the roads a little safer. 

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